Plain Frame


Our API allows you to display an iframe on your own site to embed our user interface and experience. The frame's contents automatically resize to fit the frame.

Obtaining the Access Token

First, you will need to perform a server-side request to get an {ACCESS_TOKEN}. It is common to use the Linked Account grant to get an access token for a user that has already linked an account with you app.


Note that this will only work when:

  • The {ACCESS_TOKEN} has access to the member you want to view.
  • The {ACCESS_TOKEN} contains the front_end scope.
  • The HTTP Referrer header (the parent web page) matches the callback URL for the app.

Displaying the Dashboard

To display the dashboard, all you need to do is include an iframe to the following URL. This will display the member's dashboard without our usual site layout.

Boditrax Dashboard

Customised Dashboard

This currently only displays the member's customised dashboard, including their unit preferences and any goals they have set.

We are working on allowing you to specify which dashboard pages and metrics you'd like to display.